Happy Birthday, Seth!

I am SO many posts behind on the blog but I can’t let this day go by without wishing our sweet second born a Happy Birthday!  I can’t believe he is 7.  He came into this world without much fuss (compared to his two brothers) and continues to be our most laid back child.  It is a joke in our house that Seth somehow manages to turn his birthday into a birthday week.  He loves to celebrate and is constantly coming up with ways to draw out his birthday.  He had a birthday party yesterday, opened his presents this morning, had cupcakes at lunch at school, and is going to see the Lego Movie tonight.  He has also requested a special restaurant this weekend (Great Wall of China) and donuts for breakfast tomorrow.  🙂

Seven things about Seth on his 7th birthday:

  • He loves music.  He loves to ride with Zach so they can listen to the music on Zach’s phone.  He likes all kinds of music and loves to sing along! I would say his favorite song this past year was “Cruise.”  He even has a song that he requests before baseball games to get him pumped up.  So funny!
  • He has loved playing basketball this winter.  He always gives it his best and tries really hard.  He would walk around the house all day dribbling a basketball if I would let him.
  • He is still in love with his little sister.  He loves to help put her to bed and is very protective of her. He is a fantastic big brother.  I keep waiting for the “newness” to wear off but I think this relationship is here to stay!
  • Seth is a night-owl and an early riser.  Of all my kids, he requires the least amount of sleep.  He is the last to go to bed and the first awake every morning!
  • He is still SO picky!  He eats very little and does not try new foods.  He gets the SAME lunch every single day.
  • He worries about bad things happening.  We have to say a special prayer most nights that there won’t be a fire in our house.  After we saw the movie, Frozen, he was scared that Zach and I would die on a boat like Anna’s parents.  He wakes up several nights with bad dreams and has a really hard time falling asleep again.  Nighttime makes him very anxious. 🙁
  • He is still our funny man.  He loves to be silly.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!


6 months old and learning to sit up! (Summer 2007)

seth baseball

First season of baseball! (Spring 2011)


This kid loves animals and stuffed animals! (June 2012)


All sports party.  Seth insisted on the Ohio State jersey.


A sweaty mess after the football game.

Dad and Seth


He had lots of help opening his presents.


My poor blog has suffered over the last year. I love updating and more than anything, I love having the posts to look back on. I hope it is always a special thing for our family allowing us to capture and record life as it happens.  But when sweet #4 came along, I had to slow down.  There are so many things I could have shared and so many moments that deserve to be recorded but I just couldn’t do it.  Time was a precious commodity and I just didn’t have enough of it (do we ever?).  There have also been so many emotional periods of time that were just hard to write about it.


Adoption is such an amazing thing and while it has been one of the biggest blessings of our lives, I also have to say that is has been hard. Two years ago while we were waiting for a referral, I was aware of the bonding issues and attachment issues we would face. I had attended a conference, read books, and read numerous blogs.  I knew 4 kids would be hard.  I knew I would be stretched.  I knew all of that and yet I had NO doubt we were doing the right thing.  And 2 years later, I still have NO doubts.  Molly Kate is just as much my daughter as my three boys are my sons.  I love her fiercely and would do anything for her.  But y’all it is hard.  Hard to watch your daughter suffer through doctor appointment after doctor appointment.  Hear her cry for you with a panic in her voice.  See her struggle with her speech.  Watch her unable to interact with her peers because she can’t communicate with them.  There are moments when these things are easier than others.  The past few weeks have been hard weeks.  Not because of anything Molly Kate has done, but because of her medical issues.  I thought she would have two surgeries, go through a few years of speech therapy and all would be fine and normal. I am slowly realizing that it is just not that simple.


But we persevere.  We will not give up.  We will keep fighting.  We will keep calling our insurance company.  We will keep demanding the best for her because that is what we want for her.  We will advocate for her for as long as we need to.  We will keep dealing with surgeries and hospital stays.  We will keep plugging away at speech therapy.  We will keep doing all we need to do to help her have all she deserves.  And we will do it with joy.


Because despite all the struggles and hard moments, there are so many, many, more sweet, precious moments.  Her brothers ADORE her.  LOVE her fiercely.  Will do ANYTHING for her.  She knows she can depend on them.  She knows they will help her.  She has thrived in preschool this year.  She loves going to school and tries to tell me all about it.  What a blessing!  She has attached to all her grandparents and loves to be with them.  She knows Mommy and Daddy will be there and love her.  She has overcome so much and is a fighter!  While her strong will is difficult at times, it is such a benefit to her right now.


I think these pictures can show the transformation in our girl!



Day 3 in China.  I don’t think she let go of her thumb the entire 2 weeks we were there. 🙂

20_Evans Mini

15 months later.  I see such joy and confidence in her smile.

16_Evans Mini

Right where she belongs…surrounded by her brothers! 🙂


Jackson Hole

I have been looking forward to writing this post.  Several weeks ago, Zach and I escaped from our chaotic, crazy (but wonderful) life for 4 days.  Zach had planned everything (including all dinner reservations) and kept it a secret for a few months.  But once the government shutdown happened and kept going on and on, he decided he needed to tell me where we were going so we could make a decision.  He had made reservations for us to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Since about 90% of that area is federally managed, we needed to either change our reservation or risk going out there and not being able to do much.  We decided to risk it and stick with the original plan.  Honestly, after looking at other option, we could not find anything sounded any better to us!  Thankfully, it all worked out and the shutdown ended 2 weeks before we left. [Read More…]

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat was so much fun this year.  Carter and Seth both invited friends so we had a total of 8 kids with us!  Crazy but fun!  They had so much fun but I spent the entire night counting heads.  Trunk or Treat is a HUGE event and I was so nervous about keeping track of everyone.  The boys (and MK) were very well-behaved and everyone ended up with a huge pumpkin of candy.  Success!

Carter decided to dress up like a Titans football player this year.  Seth was Batman from “The Dark Knight.”  Our two little super heroes were Captain America and Wonder Woman.  They were so cute!  I am so thankful we had this night together so I could see them in their costumes.  Zach and I were out of town when they went trick-or-treating (post to come on that soon).

all 4Seriously…so cute! [Read More…]

The Farm

In October, we spent a day at one of our good friend’s family farm.  We had heard about the farm and were super excited to spend a day out there with our friends.  The boys were counting down the days and after spending a day there, I’m pretty sure that Seth would move there tomorrow and never look back!  It was SO relaxing and SO beautiful!  We fed the horses, rode horses, rode on a 4-wheeler (some of us…you’ll be surprised who did and didn’t), rode on the trails on the gator, had a bonfire, fished, and picked part of our dinner from the garden.  We had a great day with our friends and can’t wait to do it again sometime!

feeding horsesFeeding the horses as soon as we got there. [Read More…]